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Braigo and BraigoLabs provides Scientific and technological services, namely, the research, design, creation, and development of technology based innovations and services for the marketplace.

Our story at a glance

Shubham Banerjee, a 12 year old middle school student from Santa Clara came up with the idea of integrating his love of Lego and willingness to find an alternative way to help the visually impaired, resulting in the invention of an open source cost reduced DIY braille printer. He called it "Braigo v1.0" as a proof of concept to show everyone that we can do better to help the people in need. To facilitate further research and development of many similar solutions, Braigo Labs Inc. is formed to develop "Humanely Optimized" technologies to benefit mankind all over the world. Currently the company is working on different innovative ideas to bring to market alternative solutions to costly products currently available starting with braille printing/embossing technology.

Technology should help us to make our life easier and not become a burden due to high cost
— Feb 2014, Shubham Banerjee

Braigo progress as revealed so far - As seen or read , probably everywhere

The young people joining the digital maker movement are far more ambitious than that. They are like Shubham Banerjee: they want to make a difference.
— Financial Times
We had no idea that someone could reinvent a Braille printer and bring the cost down by an order of magnitude,” said Mike Bell, Intel vice president and general manager of the company’s New Devices Group. “We think this has big potential to help a lot of people.
— San Jose Mercury News

Intel Capital Summit 2014 - Youngest Entrepreneur to Receive Venture Capital Funding

We welcome investment in technology that aims to improve everyday life for blind and partially sighted people, and especially applaud this brilliant initiative from such a young entrepreneur,” said Clive Gardiner, The Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB)’s head of reading and digital services.
— BBC World News - Technology

Braigo inspired Seattle based companies battle it out at the LEGO Mindstorms - Build for Good Competition

LEGO Google+ Post "Inspired by Shubham Banerjee's Braigo printer, we're hosting the LEGO MINDSTORMS "Build 4 Good" competition today at Seattle's EMP Museum featuring some of Seattle's most innovative companies including,+Expedia, +HTC, +Nordstrom, Xbox, & +zulily."

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“There is absolutely a need,” said Gary Mudd, spokesman for the Printing House for the Blind. “In a business situation, that equipment is purchased by the company that employs you. People who want their own, though, just get to pay for it. Being blind is sometimes very expensive.”
— San Jose Mercury News