Continuous progress at Braigo Labs

I always believed that sharing our progress with the Braigo community is important. When we are innovating it is important to share progress with the wider world. We are creating a company to cause #Disruption ; there are business deals that happen in the background, which we choose not to disclose due to the fact that its too early.
Continuous process at Braigo Labs

When we are continuously innovating , sharing those important moments also create validation that the company needs to prove that we are on the right track. Check out this small infograph that shows our progress so far.

I am fortunate to be working with such a great team who share the same enthusiasm like me to make a difference in this world. Launching a hardware product is not the same as software. There are numerous moving pieces, which only a experienced team can handle effectively. With more than 100 years of combined industry experience within the team, we are on the road towards launching #Braigo , this year.

From Shubham Banerjee:

Evangelist/Founder – Shubham Banerjee was born in Hasselt, Belgium in Oct 2001. The family moved to San Jose, California when he was 3 years old. Later he moved to Santa Clara, California and completed his elementary schooling at Don Callejon School. He joined Magnolia Science Academy in Santa Clara in middle school for couple of months, before moving to Champion School in San Jose where he is continuing his 8th grade. He continues to reside in Santa Clara, California with his parents and younger sister. In this venture, he is surrounded by different advisors from academia, industry and partners for all the technical and knowledge expertise. He has already been recognized through many awards and invitations. Checkout the recognitions section of this website for an ever expanding list. You can’t expect a 13 year old to know everything in life – do you? You can contact him at 

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