Transcribing braille from any document “on-chip”

This method will save software cost for blind students and families. Will be incorporated for free into the Braigo Braille printer product when it is launched sometime this year in 2015.

Sao Paulo, Brazil – Feb 5, 2015 – At a packed venue of Campus Party Brasil 2015 February 4, 2015 in Sao Paulo, Brazil ; Shubham Banerjee , the Founder of Braigo Labs Inc. went on stage to give his keynote about his journey with Braigo. He received tremendous response in Sao Paulo from the day he landed and have been busy fielding questions from the Brazilian Media and technologists who have been equally enthused and eager to learn more about his journey.

In a classic Steve Job style whom he considers one of his inspirations along with Bill Gates, did a “one last thing” demo about a new method that the Braigo Labs team has been working on for a month to find alternative routes to transcribe braille automatically from any document without any software installations. He played the following video on stage.

He described about a new method where one can upload any document and the braille transcoder software that the Braigo Labs team devised is able to transcode into braille directly on-the-chip memory of the Intel Edison® that Braigo is using for the braille printing device. In his demo he showed the upload of a 160 page PDF and it took approximately 30 secs to transcode and the Braille printer starts printing out the document immediately. According to Henry Wedler who is blind since he was born, pursuing his PhD in Chemistry at UC Davis and also an advisor to Braigo Labs Inc. mentioned that “No company to the best of my knowledge has an all-in-one braille printer where a PDF or any word document can be uploaded and printed with no further thought on the behalf of the user; this will revolutionize my ability as a blind individual where I do not have to navigate through different software steps to get a braille printed. Having any document printed out in Braille in minutes without any user interaction would be nothing short of ground breaking and incredible”.

Shubham mentioned that “the innovation that was started with Braigo 1.0 (the Lego version of the Braille printer) and then Baigo 2.0 (the consumer version of the printer) is continuously evolving and in my own way I want to share my journey with everyone. I chose one of the biggest event like Campus Party Brazil 2015 in South America to give everyone the demo of this new method of transcribing braille without any software installation. I know that this will potentially save a family another $500-$600 in transcribing software.”

This new method will be incorporated into the Braigo Braille Printer sometime this year when it is scheduled to be launched.

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